The 10 stinkiest cheeses!

Rive gauche vs. Rive droite

The Rive gauche is the area to the south (on the left side, if you arrange your hands a certain way on a map of Paris) of the Seine river, while the Rive droite is the area to the north. Each side has its own feeling and vibe, the Rive gauche has been known as the student section of Paris while the Rive droite is more of the luxury section.

Topito has a neat collection of minimalist posters showing the differences between the two. Take a look and see which side you would prefer to visit (although you can certainly visit both, since there are many bridges between them and they are not far apart!).

Top 13 des differences entre la Rive gauche et la Rive droite.

Baptiste Giabiconi – Je t’emmene avec toi

This song uses the verb emmener – to bring a person to a place. There are 4 verbs that can mean to bring or to take, and it can be confusing to choose the right one. But it doesn’t have to be! Amener and emmener are used with people – you can see the word […]

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Un jour triste…

One of the shows my students enjoy watching when we have a few minutes left at the end of class is Fort Boyard. It’s a cross between wipeout/silent library/fear factor, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Today, one of the regulars from the show has died and he will definitely be missed. “Yves […]

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3-wheeled EV in Grenoble

Citélib is a company similar to velib’ and autolib – have vehicles available for rent on a (very) short-term basis. But the neat thing about Grenoble is that they will introduce some new 3-wheeled vehicles. These vehicles can hold 1 or 2 people and are entirely electric powered! Wired has an excellent article on this […]

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Kendji Girac – Color Gitano

Kendji Girac is a newcomer to the French music scene. He won the third season competition on The Voice. He just released his first album and it’s #1 in France, so he’s pretty darn heureux at the moment (you can follow him on Facebook to find out just how happy).

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20 choses de Cyprien

Cyprien is a youtube comedian, he’s got a ton of videos available on a variety of subjects. Here is his latest, 20 things you may not know about him.

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Photo de Classe

An interesting project has been started at the website Photo de Classe. It’s a project that has been written both for native French speakers as well as French language learners. There are several modules to it, including geography, language, self-portraits and parent interviews. TV5 is involved and there are videos and written sections. It looks […]

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America likes to think it is a huge leader in technology, but I don’t think we realize that we’ve been left behind when it comes to ordering food. McDo has had online ordering for some time now – just place your order and pick it up at the location of your choice. Speed-Burger is a […]

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Like Stromae? This is cool!

An almost a capella version of Papaoutai! And if you’re not already following him, Stromae is in the US and Canada this month on a concert tour.

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